Charlotte’s Angel

Charlotte’s Angel CBD strain is a unique cannabis variety renowned for its high CBD and low THC content.

  • Uplifting & Relax
  • THC 1%
  • CBD 15%
  • Dominant terpene: Myrcene, Limonene

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What are the effects of using Charlotte’s Angel CBD Strain?

What’s CBD Charlotte’s Angel strain renowned for?

Charlotte’s Angel CBD strain is a unique cannabis variety renowned for its high CBD and low THC content. This sativa-dominant hybrid has gained popularity among users seeking the medicinal benefits of cannabinoids without the psychoactive effects typically associated with marijuana.

Charlotte’s Angel CBD Effect and How the High Kicks In

Charlotte’s Angel, a high-CBD cannabis strain, is renowned for its minimal THC levels, negating the traditional “high” associated with THC-rich strains. This strain is primarily valued for its therapeutic benefits, such as reducing inflammation, alleviating pain, and promoting relaxation. Its effects are gentle and calming, providing users with relaxation and mental clarity. This makes it an excellent choice for treating anxiety, depression, and chronic pain. Unlike typical cannabis strains, Charlotte’s Angel offers a slow, non-psychoactive onset of effects, ideal for medical cannabis users seeking the therapeutic advantages of cannabis without the psychoactive experience.

What does Charlotte’s Angel Taste & Smell like?


Overview of CBD charlotte’s angel CBD category

CBD Charlotte’s Angel aka Charlotte’s Angel CBD STRAIN HIGHLIGHTS Feelings: Relaxed . Uplifted . Sleepy Helps with: Depression . Pain . Stress calming energizing CBD Charlotte’s Angel effects are mostly calming. low THC high THC CBD Charlotte’s Angel potency is lower THC than average. CBD Charlotte’s Angel is a Dutch Passion breeding project that crosses Dutch Charlotte and Red Angel. This CBD-dominant strain smells and tastes like an herbal treat with pine and diesel undertones. As to effects, CBD Charlotte’s Angel is non-intoxicating yet. When grinding or smoking the dried buds, its pungent aroma is notably pronounced. This strain possesses a terpene profile that is far from ordinary or plain. Many growers are pleasantly surprised by the fragrance and flavor of this strain. CBD Charlotte’s Angel truly stands out among other CBD-rich strains from different seed banks, which is evident from our three cups won in just two years! Growing tips & advice The flowering period of CBD Charlotte’s Angel high CBD strain  usually takes 9 to 12 weeks to flower after switching to a 12/12 light cycle. CBD Charlotte’s Angel CBD Charlotte’s Angel – Dutch Passion Seeds CBD Charlotte’s Angel Cannabis Seeds Breeder: Dutch Passion Seeds Charlotte’s Angel is a sativa dominant variety with high CBD levels, 10 to 16% and low THC levels, always below 1%. 


Experience the Calming Effects of Charlotte’s Angel CBD: A Non-Psychoactive Cannabis Strain

Discover the soothing properties of Charlotte’s Angel CBD, the premier choice for those seeking the full benefits of cannabis without the high. This unique strain boasts a high CBD concentration with minimal THC, achieving a 15:1 ratio that ensures no psychoactive effects. It’s an ideal option for both medicinal and recreational users looking to alleviate anxiety, pain, and inflammation without impairment.

Immediate Relief without the High: The Charlotte’s Angel Experience

Feel the difference with Charlotte’s Angel CBD. While it initiates effects like traditional marijuana strains, it diverges from THC-dominant variants. Instead of an overwhelming mental buzz, Charlotte’s Angel provides a tranquil sensation, enhancing your state of relaxation.

Enjoy the Natural Uplift: Charlotte’s Angel CBD Effects

Users frequently report a sense of uplift and contentment with this CBD-rich bud. It can inject energy and a touch of euphoria into your day – a nod to its sativa lineage – without leading to a psychedelic journey. Charlotte’s Angel ensures you remain alert and operational, offering a noticeably serene and enjoyable experience.

Boost Creativity and Focus: Unique Terpene Profile Benefits

Charlotte’s Angel’s distinct terpene profile may enhance your creativity and concentration, sidestepping the disorienting THC effects. The strain also exerts a calming influence on the body, potentially easing pain and fostering sound sleep.

Versatile Daytime Use: Maintain Your Daily Routine

This strain is perfect for any time of the day, as it doesn’t compromise your cognitive or motor skills. Charlotte’s Angel CBD is also an excellent introduction to cannabis for newcomers, with its rich, appealing flavor profile that comes without the intoxication.

Explore CBD Options or THC Varieties: Find Your Perfect Cannabis Strain

Charlotte’s Angel CBD stands out in the cannabis market, but if you’re curious about other CBD strains or interested in exploring THC-inclusive options, our extensive list of cannabis cultivars is at your disposal. Whether you’re looking for non-intoxicating relief or a mild euphoric effect, our selection caters to all preferences and needs.

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CBD Charlotte’s Angel Terpenes

The most abundant terpene in CBD Charlotte’s Angel is myrcene, followed by pinene and terpinolene. Charlotte’s Angel CBD Flower is a hybrid strain that offers a perfect balance between uplifting and relaxation effects. THC level of only 1% and a high CBD level of 15%, this strain is perfect for those who want to experience the therapeutic benefits of CBD without the psychoactive effects of THC.

Strain Effects

  • Sleepy
  • Focused
  • Relaxed



This flower has changed my life from morning to night whatever time I take it. I had major anxiety issues growing up and have been running on a lot of anti-depressants until a friend of mine forced me to try Charlotte’s Angel. Gone are the days of stress & anxiety!

– Rachel Brock Wilson

Gone are the sleepless nights. Even during the day I used to get jitters when I would get stressed, now a puff of charlottes angel and I feel so settled!

– Dhruv Ravidra


Charlotte’s Angel CBD stands out as a therapeutic powerhouse, offering a wealth of health benefits without the high. Its ability to relieve pain, to reduce pain and anxiety, and protect the nervous system, all while being non-psychoactive, makes it an exceptional choice for those seeking holistic wellness. Whether you’re a seasoned CBD user or just starting out CBD user, Charlotte’s Angel is a strain that promises efficacy and safety, cementing its status as a top choice in the CBD cannabis market.
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