5 Wake and Bake Tips and Still be Productive Throughout the Day

Many people believe that using the ‘wake and bake’ approach and smoking marijuana in the morning can be a bad thing, as it may make them feel lazy and unable to function throughout the day. However, this belief may not be entirely accurate, as the effects of marijuana can vary greatly between individuals. While some people may find that smoking marijuana in the morning makes them lethargic and unmotivated, others may experience an energizing effect, similar to drinking a cup of coffee in the morning.

Cannabis and Working People: Understanding the Potential Impact On Job Performance

Many people have the perception that those who use marijuana are lazy, unproductive, and lack motivation. However, this stereotype is not always accurate, as there are many people who use marijuana and still lead successful, productive lives. These individuals, often referred to as ‘productive stoners’, are able to work efficiently and perform various activities similar to those who do not use marijuana.

For instance, there are individuals who use marijuana and have been successful in creating innovative jobs, particularly in places like Silicon Valley where the use of marijuana among employees is common. Some believe that marijuana can help stimulate creativity and promote socialization.

In fact, some companies in Silicon Valley offer benefits to their employees that allow them to use marijuana in the workplace. Additionally, there are various activities and businesses related to marijuana, such as discount tickets to cannabis shops, cannabis delivery services, cannabis-themed yoga classes, and marijuana plantation tours, etc.

5 Ways to Wake and Bake in the Morning

Wake and bake, which involves smoking marijuana in the morning, refers to either turning off your alarm and immediately using marijuana before starting your day, or incorporating marijuana as part of your daily routine, such as drinking cannabis tea or consuming cannabis-infused coffee.

However, using marijuana in the morning can have varying effects on your day, such as feeling energized, focused, or possibly having a negative impact, so it’s important to use it wisely and with proper planning. There are several tricks and methods that can help you have a successful morning cannabis use experience.

1. Check your schedule for the day to prevent emergencies

There are few things worse than wake and bake and suddenly realizing you have an important meeting in the next 10 minutes. To prevent any potential emergencies, it’s important to check your schedule for the day beforehand. Being caught off guard in such a situation can make you appear unprofessional.

The best way to prevent this scenario is to review your entire schedule before using cannabis for the day. This will allow you to wake and bake with peace of mind, knowing that you won’t be caught off guard and will be prepared to handle unexpected events. It also reduces the likelihood of experiencing negative side effects from using marijuana in inappropriate situations, such as symptoms of anxiety or paranoia.

2. Plan your breakfast

Even when using marijuana in the morning, it’s important not to overlook breakfast. The key is to plan whether you will have breakfast before or after using cannabis. Without a plan, you may unintentionally skip breakfast. Some people find that having breakfast before using marijuana makes them more receptive to its effects. For these individuals, eating breakfast and then using marijuana allows them to continue their day without interruption.

However, for others, it may be more enjoyable to have breakfast after using marijuana. They may find that food tastes better and their appetite is stronger after consuming cannabis. It’s a good idea to prepare breakfast beforehand, as if there’s no food waiting after using cannabis, there may be a stronger urge to reach for a quick snack rather than a nutrient-dense meal.

3. Choose the right strains

Preparation and planning before using cannabis is a good idea, but another important consideration is the type of marijuana strain chosen in the morning. It is recommended to choose a Sativa or Sativa-dominant hybrid strain, as these strains can provide a boost of energy and focus, making it easier to work and be productive throughout the day. On the other hand, Indica strains can make you feel more relaxed and sleepy, which can hinder your ability to work.

Some popular Sativa strains that can help with creative thinking and productivity include Laughing Buddha, Pineapple Express, and Mandarin Cookies.

And if you’re looking for interesting strains, here are some options for you:


4. Keep a water bottle close to you

After wake and bake, you may experience dry mouth and dry eyes, which are common side effects of cannabis. Moreover, just waking up in the morning can lead to dehydration since we lose water while we sleep. As a result, it is essential to stay hydrated throughout the day. 

Drinking plenty of water and keeping a water bottle close to you to sip on is a simple solution to combat dryness and keep your body refreshed. Try sipping on a cold glass of water to cool down and replenish your body’s water levels.

5. Make to-do list

Wake and bake can sometimes lead to a lack of motivation, so keeping a to-do list can help you stay organized and avoid forgetting important tasks or responsibilities. You may not be able to complete everything on your list in one day, but having a clear plan will help motivate you to accomplish what you can. It’s also a good idea to include activities or tasks that you enjoy or find fulfilling, as this can help prevent the temptation to stay in bed all day.

Final Thought on Wake and Bake

Wake and bake can provide an energy boost for some individuals, similar to drinking coffee. However, it requires smart planning and preparation to be able to work effectively throughout the day. This includes checking your schedule for important events or meetings, creating a to-do list, and planning your breakfast. Drinking plenty of water to prevent side effects is also crucial, as well as choosing the appropriate strain. By following these tips, you can wake and bake in the morning and still be productive throughout the day.

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