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Cannabis Increase Creativity: How Marijuana Can Unlock Your Creativity

Can cannabis increase creativity? The answer is still unclear, but the use of cannabis has been believed to be wrong for so long that we all have overlooked its potential health benefits, including the ability to elevate creativity. Singers and artists, for example, often use cannabis before performing or creating works. Silicon Valley in California, where cannabis use is legal for people, is another example. Companies in the Valley are open to their employees using cannabis, and some even offer cannabis-related benefits such as delivery services, yoga classes, and massages that incorporate cannabis products.

5 Wake and Bake Tips and Still be Productive Throughout the Day

Many people believe that using the ‘wake and bake’ approach and smoking marijuana in the morning can be a bad thing, as it may make them feel lazy and unable to function throughout the day. However, this belief may not be entirely accurate, as the effects of marijuana can vary greatly between individuals. While some people may find that smoking marijuana in the morning makes them lethargic and unmotivated, others may experience an energizing effect, similar to drinking a cup of coffee in the morning.

Exploring THC Craft Soda: What Is It? and How To Make One?

THC craft soda is an unique and innovative beverage that mixes the pleasant flavor of soda with the potentially therapeutic effects of THC, a psychotropic component found in cannabis. This new beverage is part of a rising trend of cannabis-infused beverages that are gaining popularity in the market.